+61513 and 0513 mobile phone codes of Australia.

Here you can find various variants of mobile phone codes, +61513 or 0513. To search for the necessary information on the mobile phone number, use the "Search" field. You can also select one of the prefixes, the next page allows you to select the desired section and number, and then the number itself, which requires information.

Phone range 051310XXXX - 051319XXXX or +6151310XXXX - +6151319XXXX

Phone range 051319XXXX - 051329XXXX or +6151319XXXX - +6151329XXXX

Phone range 051329XXXX - 051339XXXX or +6151329XXXX - +6151339XXXX

Phone range 051339XXXX - 051349XXXX or +6151339XXXX - +6151349XXXX

Phone range 051349XXXX - 051359XXXX or +6151349XXXX - +6151359XXXX

Phone range 051359XXXX - 051369XXXX or +6151359XXXX - +6151369XXXX

Phone range 051369XXXX - 051379XXXX or +6151369XXXX - +6151379XXXX

Phone range 051379XXXX - 051389XXXX or +6151379XXXX - +6151389XXXX

Phone range 051389XXXX - 051399XXXX or +6151389XXXX - +6151399XXXX